EasyChannel Use Term

EasyChannel - Platform for multichannel

EasyChannel is a multi-channel customer service management platform. It offers integrations with existing off-the-shelf messengers, emails, marketplaces, and also provides a web chat for use on the customer's site.

Due to the rapid growth in the use of instant messaging applications for cell phones, smartphones and tablets that offer simultaneous conversations between users through the Internet connection, companies increasingly need to provide the service to their customers with the same speed and availability .

For this, EasyChannel was born, which allows the simultaneous service of several users on the same platform, directs them to different service queues, speeds up and reduces costs.

System features:

  • Agents Monitoring
  • Service Stats
  • Productivity Report
  • Contact Management
  • Attendance Reports
  • Automatic messages (Automatic Response Unit)
  • Management service queues
  • Protocols Generation
  • Service classifications
  • Transferring calls to other lines
  • Send texts, images, videos, audio, locations and emotions.
  • Service History
  • Customer Service Assessments